In my ukulele classes, online and off, I entreat learners to practice five minutes a day. I KNOW that if you pick up your uke to practice for five minutes, you’ll almost certainly go for longer—playing is fun, and improving is fun.

And then, you’ll be at be at least five minutes “better.”

I also know that if you put it off today, it’s that much harder to pick it up tomorrow.

And time flows differently in the backwards direction. (Whoa!)

You may get five minutes better on a day you practice, but you’ll get more than five minutes worse on a day you don’t.

And that’s the answer. These emails are here to cajole, finagle, elbow, encourage, and above all, REMIND you that, yes, it’s another day, and that’s another opportunity to think about the little instrument you love, and get it out, and PLAY IT.

Some people will (do) tell me: “Too much email!” Which is why the handy little unsubscribe button is below.

You see, we’re thinning the herd!

If you love your ukulele, love the music, and want to continue to improve, you can do that, in baby steps, a little bit each day.

I’m just here to remind you.

your pal,

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