Why You’re a Crappy Ukulele Player

You are, you know.

(And so am I).

You know who runs rings around us? Some teenage kid somewhere sitting in his bedroom noodling.

Most of us are adults, with adult duties. Playing ukulele is something for fun, for relaxation.

Even the most dedicated among us still have to find times to pay the bills, get the grass cut, fix the leak, walk the dog, drive to the shop, and more, more, more.

But that teenage kid?

Sit and play. Sit and practice. Sit and find another video tutorial on YouTube.

You will never be as good as a teenager with nothing else to do, simply because the teenager has nothing else to do!

One of my jobs as your ukulele pal, it to help give you at least a little edge on the teenager.

You’ve got one thing already–wisdom. You can absorb knowledge FASTER and apply it more readily thanks to your wisdom and life experience.

So my job is to curate the best ukulele knowledge and offer it to you, like a mama bird, pre-chewed and easy to digest.


We’re a team, you and me, and we’re ganging up on the teens to show ‘em a thing or two.

(Because I teach hundreds of uke students in dozens of classes, online and off, I’m always hunting for the best ways to present knowledge, to make it as enjoyable and easy-to-consume as possible.)

I’m putting the finishing touches on the next round of the “Ukulele Strumming Mastery” video course and you can get it pre-chewed and dribbled directly into your esophagus here.

(Sorry to mix my bird and my teenager comparisons, but come on, I’m ukulele player not an English teacher).

your pal,

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